4WORD LIVING was created as a non-profit organization to identify and confront the housing, hunger, mental health and recidivism dilemmas which unnecessarily plague our communities and the individuals therein.  Simultaneously, 4WORD LIVING was developed with the idea of addressing the social economic difficulties facing those with little education, unfavorable backgrounds and poor opportunities for equatable advancement.

Our mission is to Motivate those who have been defined through circumstances, choices, and consequences by presenting them with unique Opportunities, teaching them principles of Value and providing top-tier Educational programs designed to foster life-long learning and self sustainability.

We welcome all persons transitioning from treatment centers, getting clean or previously incarcerated or just needed a safe and affordable place to grow. All you need is the desire for a new way of life along with the willingness to recover.

Come be a part of an amazing Sober Living Community where we build upon a solid foundation of recovery

  • Structured and Shared Home Living 
  • House Meetings
  • Laundry Facilities 
  • In Home WiFi 
  • Support and Accountability

- Meet 4Word Living Team Members -

Monica Cundiff, Director of Operations - Field

Hello, my name is Monica Cundiff. I am the Assistant Manager here at the 4Word Living home located at 2992 Mission Inn Avenue. I am originally from Miami, Florida and came out here 2 years ago. When the pain of remaining the same became greater than the fear of change I decided I needed something different. After many years of active addiction and being spiritually bankrupt I came into this home as a resident. 

This home, coupled with my 12-step program and the guidance of God has empowered me to evolve into the very best version of myself. Today I know that with each positive step I take forward, more positive steps will follow.

My passion is to inspire others like me and encourage them to be all that they can be. Once I was hopeless, now I have purpose and look forward to every day as a new adventure with opportunities to shine. I live my program and know that if I can change and move forward you can too.

Jeanne Chavez, Director of Safety Operations

My name is Jeanne Chavez, I am the Director of Safety Operations and have various other responsibilities at 4word Living. This organization has provided me with the foundation to maintain my recovery and to continue to grow , as well as assist and encourage other woman to do the same by leading by example.. It is my firm belief that a sober living is a direct correlation to remaining clean and  sober as well as provide the tools necessary to continue on our journey and move forward..